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My tension loop My tension loop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i have a small problem with this

The voices sound nice and add to the pece generally quite well, but they don't give it any specific mood, and a piece that feels moodless i find quite hard to listen to.
Think of developing it a little more, even if it is just to make it sound more tense (which it pulls off okay)
Just make it lead somewhere a little bit more i think. otherwise, nice sounds and a alright try!

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AlphaNew responds:

Thanks. This may work well with a second part, this may be the bridge before going louder (and originally, that's how it came out). But you're right: it does not create tension by itself.

Thanks for the advice, I'll try working on it a litle more. =)

Esctasy Forever (Full Mix) Esctasy Forever (Full Mix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

much better

your dance influenced tracks seem far stronger.
The click/clap is very strong and keeps a heavy pulse.
Makes excellent background music, yet isn't too repetetive so as to be irritating when just listening to it.
Good job.

adios mi amigo adios mi amigo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The title suits it

Can imagine waving goodbye to this!
The intro sounds like it would lead into a good dance song!
But this on its own is very good, powerful, yet understated. Just what it tries to acheive. Good work.

Dhumanio responds:

thank you man.

_-=[Destination Unknown]=-_ _-=[Destination Unknown]=-_

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

although i could never categorise 'real trance'

this sounds nice.
It has a consistant, slightly repetetive beat and melody, just like most trance songs i know.
It sounds nice, everything flows and it never drags on too much.
Keep at it, your doing your new VSTs proud! haha ;P

Frostshock responds:

hehe thx dude :D
I always got problems with "whats trance?"
And whats the difference to techno?
I have no idea :-P

Artificial Beatbox Artificial Beatbox

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


feels like its just getting into it and stops.
The beats should be more constistant after the high Tailing off note i think
Its an okay idea, yet a stupid one at the same time. Basically its purposely makign drums that don't sound real, a beatboxers aim is to sound like a real drum machine, so why make a drum machine sound like a beatboxer?
ah well, keep trying!

GoldbloodedDragon responds:

Well, I used FL'sBeatbox preset on FPC, so that's really all I had to work with.

listening makes it worse listening makes it worse

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I beleive this captures a sense of loss

or maybe fondly looking back on the life of a loved one (due the major flourshes)
I love piano stuff when its done well, and this is good if slightly long at the end, maybe after a bit more melodic variety by then. And the ending is a little too powerful and major i beleive, especially if you like to think the piece has its own sense of feel rather than telling a story, a less definate cadence would've worked better i think. Or if you like my idea of the feel, finishing on the B minor (relative minor tonic? sorry my theory isn't that great) wouldv'e worked well.
Still, nice song!

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Stalagmite responds:

LOL. wow you are deep man! actually, i cant explain anything about this piece. Just some improv. although i do knd of zone out when i play it... never really know what i have played until i hear the recording back. The ending is overly powerful. i agree with this, however maybe the major finnish is set to resolve the piece in a positive way.... rather than ending negatively? i preferto replace the sadness i hope my music creates, with happiness at the end. :D:D:D

I wish i could go back and change something. but i have poor memory! and i can never play it again. sad really. lol. i suppose i could play it by ear again. but i cant be bothered truthfully! lol.
And as for theory. I have no idea what cadence is. because I have never read a theory book, had a lesson and i cant read music so i couldnt write it to remember it either. :( shame.

The escape... The escape...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

man, you got some real nice sounds!

what did you use for these sounds, really relaxing.
with an underlying sense of dread. Would work really well in an underwater scene where a character was scared of drowning in a game or animation. Or any peaceful place where there is a sense that not all is well.
And I beleive Cliches are there for a reason. They work! Just because this isnt gobsmackingly original, it doesnt mean its not beautiful.
Nice work man! Would love to hear you try some stuff like this that has a melody as well, might have to delve a bit deeper into your collection. Keep it up!

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Stalagmite responds:

i think that is a splendid idea! infact i will do it now! when i resubmit it i will get you to review it plz! :D:D:D thanks for your awesome review and groovy score!
and my collection has some CRAP in it LOL. be warned. contains childrens party music, long winded voice acting demos and some cheesier ones too! lol. may i recomend any of the following.
Mystiliser, KIRBY cailloups,REM everybody dreams, lost, the castle, the ribbon or change of emotion. they are mainly classical or derived from classical ideas. dont have to though dude. time is precious on NG lol. thanks again buddy!

DJ Midnight Sky - Frostbite DJ Midnight Sky - Frostbite

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I don't know

quite where this falls short, it has alright melodies, interweaving and changing textures to keep it interesting. But somehow, i just don't like it.
Maybe its the mix, keep messing with it, because its definately not a bad song, it just feels like its missing soemthing. And some of the entries seem a bit random.
Apart from that i don't know what to say, just keep trying and i hope some of your other stuff goes better. Sorry for being vague!

_/Ballad\_ _/Ballad\_

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i always use that chord progression

when i go on a piano (G E C D if im not mistaken)
I don't feel this loops particularly well, it seems a sudden loss of texture when it returns to the start.
I feel it would work better as an orchestrak song, ratehr than a solo piano song as well, however, you are the composer, and that sort of cokposition takes a lot of time!
Can imagine this in the background of an RPG going quite nicely as its neither too sparse or overly melodic (if that makes sense?).
Anyway, keep up the work!

ShootingStar responds:

LOL!! That's exactly what I used, I'm suprised at myself, I usually do c,a,f, g,...but thanks for the review!!!


[8bit] because she said "no" [8bit] because she said "no"

Rated 4 / 5 stars

love the change at 0:44

i quite like chiptune and could easily see this working as some sort of a battle theme in a less instense game.
Although i like the ending i feel it sohuld have been logner and more final. Other than that keep it up.