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so its not great, its good you put the effort in.
the first thign you need to consider when doing something like this is to make the song and video sync a bit, changes in the song = changes in the flash. Something simple like that will make a big difference. The other thing is, although it's good you used characters and not sticks, they need more animation, especially in the mouths, it looks terribly forced when the mouths have only two states: open or closed, if not, at least sync the mouths with something thats being said, to make it a bit easier on the eye.
Anyway, its not a bad try, love the song, (DJ Gotcha i think, might be worth crediting him?) Kepp tryign and you'll get there sometime.


the news stories running along the bottom, meant i wasn't concentrating on both bits at once though. Still, very good, i thoroughly enjoyed that :)

not bad, BUT

sorry about the caps but cba to rewrite that.
apart from thats its an okay little stick film.

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my only downside is the falling is a bit random because the next holes were offscreen. maybe adding arrows, so we knew roundabout where the next hole will be would make this even better?
And, knowing what scores we have to get to unlock things would be nice, because i don't know if i've unlocked everything.
But anyway, that was fun : )

haha this is awesome

i have some songs that i could upload to go with this game if you ever planned to redo it. Ahh the wonders of poo in so many mediums :)

Good: It made me chuckle, well designed.
Bad: The poo is a bit small, as is its enclosed area. Maybe make a larger area for the poo, even with backgrounds etc.

Pretty good man :)

niice :)

this went really well, mate. The redesign definately looks like it was worth the extra effort, game seems nicely balanced, got a good variety of stuff on here. Only cons, i found some of the timing was a bit off for me as well and my song sounded an octave too high for some reason :(
Still, I'm impressed, i'll look forward to more stuff in the future :) Thanks again, and good luck in the future.

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Piercing hi hat

I find the hi hat a little piercing for an ambient texture, maybe keep the mid lower would help? Then again i just like to keep a low mid on nearly everything. I like the fading hi hat idea though. I'm not sure whether the timing of the drums, should lay a more regular pulse the begining, just to establish themselves, before becoming more offbeat. The underlying bass is nice. I never quite know whether this is happy or not, i still feel like theres an underlying uneasyness about thios one. But that can still be good :) Anyway, more good work, hope to hear more ;)

the soudn that sounds a bit like a ray gun

its wuite good, but a bit annoying after repeats, mixing it differently could add to the song. And a it could suit a more reverb/chorus effect i beleive, make it sound a bit more like a background threat i think its trying to acheive, good work though :) Its a nice idea, nearly great. Keep it up :) x

nameless11 responds:

Yeah I had a feeling it could grate on some people, generally I think mastering is the problem even though Ive made great progress improving it.

very good

I like it all, i think the melody loses a lot of its excitment being in 4/4, however ( it loses a lot of pace). The Voice used for it is excellent, nice and powerful and the rest aren't half bad either.
I'm learning this on classical guitar atm and hearing as a dance song makes me wanna try it out for myself as something like this.
So + Love your style and the hardhitting voices
+Good song choice
+The parts weave together very nicely
- Slightly repetetive, even though the melody is developed.
- the original melody just sounds a little slow in this context to me, if i had heard this without knowing the original, it wouldn't probably sound pretty fine though, just flouts the expectation i guess.

So, yeah, sounds really good, keep it up :)

dreadnought106 responds:

Thanks. bringing up the pace i was going to have a second variation of the melody where it speeds up but it was already 6 minutes long... anyways thanks for the review!


Please rate my songs, I'm new to dance music and some crit would be lovely. I'm also rubbish at naming them, so new name suggestions would be great. =)

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