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my only downside is the falling is a bit random because the next holes were offscreen. maybe adding arrows, so we knew roundabout where the next hole will be would make this even better?
And, knowing what scores we have to get to unlock things would be nice, because i don't know if i've unlocked everything.
But anyway, that was fun : )

haha this is awesome

i have some songs that i could upload to go with this game if you ever planned to redo it. Ahh the wonders of poo in so many mediums :)

Good: It made me chuckle, well designed.
Bad: The poo is a bit small, as is its enclosed area. Maybe make a larger area for the poo, even with backgrounds etc.

Pretty good man :)

niice :)

this went really well, mate. The redesign definately looks like it was worth the extra effort, game seems nicely balanced, got a good variety of stuff on here. Only cons, i found some of the timing was a bit off for me as well and my song sounded an octave too high for some reason :(
Still, I'm impressed, i'll look forward to more stuff in the future :) Thanks again, and good luck in the future.

this could be a really good game.

it needs some more features though, so it doesn't get repetetive. How about some upgradable guns and the option to buy more ammo? Maybe the penguins could also hurt you? Also it would be good if when you shot a close penguin, blood came up on the screen. you could (maybe) even have end of level bosses, although this may not work too well.
Overall alright game though.

good game...

spoler hidden away for you now... and good game :) i really enjoyed it, with a bit of variety and a story line it would be good. Things like multiple opponents would be good.

Wonchop responds:

Yeah, but for that to work would take a lot of hard work. Not to mention I have to have real life friends, and what are the chances of that? XD

its an ok rpg


well it is just another snake game.

I spose it did everything it said on the tin, but it just has been done hundreds of times, games like this are gd to make to teach yourself flash, if you then go on and add your own original ideas to improove it then it is a gd idea to submit it to newgrounds. But it did all work with no bugs :)

a good game.

I liked this game and thought it was really good, however it really wasn't my sort of msuci, would love to see a sequel to a different type of music, or maybe multiple tracks. So really good game, just not my music...

twas ok

wasn't nething special, kinda borin cuz theres no difference between each go. I got 63 points tho :D lol

its ok

its a bit hard tho, try and make the bounches higher tho, i just cudnt get ova the ppl.

boney-man responds:


Please rate my songs, I'm new to dance music and some crit would be lovely. I'm also rubbish at naming them, so new name suggestions would be great. =)

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