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Crazy Loop (Original) Crazy Loop (Original)

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Theres some interesting melodic ideas presented, however its far to short to cement itself in any way and feels unfinished where it ends, therefore damaging it as a loop and making it grow repetetive and annoying.
I like the machine like sound going on in the background adding the underlying sense of 'evil'
Overall its an okay loop, in need of some development and expansion. Thats my two cents anyway =)

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Choclate Rain (DnB Remix) Choclate Rain (DnB Remix)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good, but far too understated

its not bad man, but it just doesn't feel powerfull enough, the drums arent too bad, but the rest of the song is just too quiet, like the guy below me said, needs mixing and mastering. All the stuffs here, just needs a bit more tweaking.

.Experimental Song. .Experimental Song.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


it sets a great atmosphere
the only thing i might say is that while i like the slightly off timed notes, it would be nice if it settled into a more straightforward song at points, just to keep it esy on the ears.
It could work really well takin part of this as an intro and developing a second section as a solo piano part if you wanted.
The end is also so sudden, it needs somewhere to go, or just a fade out. Infact, a fade out could be a great way to progress this int oa more 'hard-hitting' section. It depends what you want to do with the song. As an ambient piece, its lovely, if you wanted to progress it even further however, bringing in new styles, i think this ccould work as an excellent introduction as well.
Basically its up to you, although i personally feel it feels unfinished and would sound good progressed, you may feel otherwise.
I can just see so many paths this could go down, it feels a shame to have such a sudden end to the piece.
Sorry if this review rambled a bit, but anyways, a quick overview.
Lovely song, with a lot of potential for any development or lengthening. Sets a GREAT mood, t seriously carried me away in it for a while when i first listened. To me theres just so much more it can become. Good work, and thanks for listening to some of my stuff :) Happy easter? aha

nameless11 responds:

happy easter to you my new internet friend :P. I am considering doing a huge track with this as an intro or i may just touch it up. Ambient is one of my favorite genres and im glad you took time to give me some advice to better it. ill be sure to check out more of your work as you submit it.

MyChipsAreSealed MyChipsAreSealed

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice sounds

how did you make it?
What stuff did you use?
I've tried to make stuf liek this but i cant get past a basic bleep, so theres not much sound variation =( (except for LSDJ and thats just too hard for me)
would sound really nice if it ran into a section of double time where it could really get a fast groove on the go, maybe at the sectio nat about 1:40 where you get the 'swooshing' sound, its a pretty godo song though, keep it up :)

RandomPanda responds:

Oh I use the Magical 8Bit Plug-In. O: It's a VST you can use with any DAW. I use FL Studio 8.
Thanks for listening! & Thanks for the review! :D

Canon In D. Canon In D.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


similar to what the guys below are saying, except 4 minutes is definately not too long for this song, any version of the original is about this length, but it is a bit long for this particular arrangement, too many sections are repeated. What you've got here is mainly really good except for a few sections of clashes (0:47 through to 1:00 has quite a few, 2:06 and 2:18, about 2:25 theres another clashing section... You get the idea anyway...
Some nice string sounds going, especially for fruity loops.
Theres some good work here, just keep trying and do something that hasn't been doen before.
Good luck with more work :)

(-Tetris-) (-Tetris-)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice, but

I can't get my head aroudn that hi-hat.
I'm glad you didn't overuse the melody, its good to hear a tetrixs remix that isnt the same as the original but with a new drum beat. Good luck with more stuff!

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XTriNovaX responds:

which hi hat?

Light guitar Light guitar

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

something sounds

strange about the guitar... i can't put my figner on it, are you in the right key? Maybe its just i'm used to a phrase starting on the root?
I don't know. I like the feel of this song, but it just feels a bit off. And theres too many logn melodic gaps. Filling more of these with guitar melody like you begin withwould be great.
teh strumming osunds a little off as well, are they the right chord choices, they just don't quite sound right...
There some really nice phrase choices in here, you've obviously got an ear for what yu want to make, it just needs a bit of refining.
Good luck in the future, sorry if my review felt a little vague , i do like the song, it just has a few places that bug me, which really pull it down. Keep up the stuff though, its got potential to be great.

Shroomguy responds:

Ah, thank you for the response. I am still improving this song, as it is one of my favorites. I have improved a lot since i first made this, and I will be updateing it in the near future. Thank you for your constructive critisim, and I hope you review more of my audio!

GET BUSY!!!111 GET BUSY!!!111

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

love the start

how about have the melody at 0:11 just play half the melody once, then bring in the second half of the melody o nthe powerful synth again in the real version, i think owuld sound real nice if youy could get it to work well. It's a nice little song, makes me smile, which is always a good thing. Good luck with making the full version :)

Super mario world DANCE Super mario world DANCE

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

the sound at 0:45

is lovely, but i don't really like how it loses the clarity of the notes that the other soudns have, otherwise it's really powerful.
Also it seems to have a strange tempo at the very beggining, as if its not properly established til a few bars in.
Overall, its a good mix, good tempo choice, powerful but not overstated and different enough for me to feel like im not listening to the original, while still retaining the good things about it. Good luck in the future!

Rock Solo Improvisation Rock Solo Improvisation

Rated 2 / 5 stars

bad quality

sounds i nthe wrong key as well, could be due to distortion of sound due to quality though....
the solo had no real feel of structure, just like a few randomly bunched phrases, no sense of an ending. Some slight off timing. Its not really really bad, it just needs soem touching up, quality recording and a bit more thought into structure, should come with time :) good luck in the future, would be nice to hear some decent quality recordings one day, then it'll much easier to make a judgement on the actual music.